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5 Minute Safety Seminar - Ciaran & Philip McAleenan
Accident Costs   - Nick Higginson
Accident Reporting and Investigation - Paul Craythorne
Best Value - Alan Rose
Breast Cancer and Examination - Spanish language
Construction Safety Management - Ciaran & Philip McAleenan
Control of infection (An introduction to) - Eddie Newall
Corporate Manslaughter (UK) 2007 - Ciaran & Philip McAleenan
Directors' Responsibility (Check its Safe) - Ciaran & Philip McAleenan
Display Screen Equipment (VDU) - Geoff Burt
Electrical Risk Management - P.G. Sreejith
Electrical Safety - P.G. Sreejith
Fire safety and fire extinguishers (Basic) - Paul Bullows
Fork Lift Truck - Safety Awareness - Geoff Burt
Free Safety PowerPoint Presentations - Vermont (US)
General H&S - Series of PowerPoints - John Johnston
Hand Arm Vibration - Ian Harper
Hazard Identification (A simple Guide to) - Bill Bircham
Health and Safety for Senior Managers - Rakesh Maharaj
Health and safety management - Joe McNicholas
Highways Environmental Management System - Ciaran McAleenan
Integrating Audits - Bill Bircham
Manual Handling - Geoff Burt
Manual Handling - Jerry Hill
OHSMS - Stephen Fulwell
Risk Assessment - Nick Higginson
Risk Assessment - Paul Craythorne
Risk Assessment - Ian Hayward
Risk assessment, definitions and UK legal position - Joe McNicholas
Safety Awareness Training - Ciaran McAleenan
Safety committee ( Functions and objectives) - Dessie Ferguson
Safety Introductions for Site Engineers - Jane Hallett
Safety Management System (New) - Ciaran McAleenan
Safety Training (why, when and how) - Joe McNicholas

Offer:  '5 Minute Safety Sideshow'  A Boardroom level safety Seminar session, introducing CEOs, VPs and Directors to the philosophy of effective and efficient regulatory compliance. Without any of the flannel!


Offered by: | Ciaran & Philip McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Accident Costs - "Designed as basically an overview of HS(G)96 for Safety Reps, with a few extra bits thrown in".


Offered by: |Nick Higginson| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Accident Reporting and Investigation'. Accident reporting and investigation training slides.


Offered by: |Paul Craythorne| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Best Value - Introducing 'Best Value Principles' to Local Government Safety Officers.


Offered by: |Alan Rose| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Effective Construction Safety Management (CDM)'. Applying the Operational Analysis and Control Model to management of construction safety. Consideration of the impact of Constriction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) on the process.


Offered by: |Ciaran & Philip McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

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Offer: 'An introduction to the control of infection'. It is aimed at nursing students.


Offered by: |Eddie Newall| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Display Screen Equipment'. The author acknowledges HSE and contributors to web-safety.com's safety exchange some of whose ideas were called upon to create this presentation.

Offered by: |Geoff Burt| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Corporate Manslaughter (UK) 2007'. This presentation, showcased at the IOSH NI branch meeting in September 2007, is used to present and stimulate discussions at Board level on the impact the corporate manslaughter/ corporate homicide legislation in UK. It offers some pointers for corporations to consider how they may be affected and what they might do to ensure they can comply with its requirements. The legislation comes into effect across UK in April 2008

Offered by: |Ciaran & Philip McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Directors' Responsibility (Check its Safe)'. This presentation is designed to stimulate Boardroom discussion on director's responsibilities, in particular the guidance provided by the UK's Health and Safety Executive. It all addresses the corporate responsibility under the OECD principles of good governance.

Offered by: |Ciaran & Philip McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Electrical Risk Management - Deals with electrical safety in high risk industries

Offered by: |P.G. Sreejith| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Electrical Safety - Electrical safety awareness is growing in India, with many industries aligning their electrical practices to international standards.

Offered by: |P.G. Sreejith| |PowerPoint|

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Offer: A presentation on basic fire safety and fire extinguishers, covering the nature of fire, fire hazards and risks, fire prevention at work, local fire procedures and how to select and use a portable fire extinguisher safely.


Offered by: | Paul Bullows| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Fork Lift Truck - Safety Awareness'. Designed as an safety awareness session for FLT drivers. This PowerPoint is not intended to teach you how to drive a FLT

Offered by: |Geoff Burt| |PowerPoint|

 Offer: |PowerPoint Presentations|

Offered by: Vermont (US) - (Note: Opens new window in your browser)

Offer: A series of general Health and Safety (UK) presentations.

General Definitions

H&S at Work Act 1974 - Main Sections

Summary of H&S Acts and Regulations

Six Pack - H&S Regulations

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

Civil Law and Criminal Law

Anatomy of an accident or hazardous incident

NEBOSH Certificate Revision - Section 2 H&S at Work Act 1974


Offered by: |John Johnston|

Offer: 'Hand Arm Vibration'. Created and used for Hand Arm Vibration in the construction industry. Although its in PowerPoint format, it is designed to be easily printed on a A3 using a colour printer and used on sites on flip charts.


Offered by: |Ian Harper| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'A Simple Guide to Hazard Identification'. The presentation was delivered to a conference last year [1999] run by IIR. It outlines steps to be taken in Hazard identification and is aimed primarily as a tool for those who have to explain this task. It covers a broad range of methods, neither promoting nor condemning, taking a view of the pros and cons of each.


Offered by: |Bill Bircham| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Health and Safety for Senior Managers'. This presentation, offered by Rakesh Maharaj, is aimed at introducing senior managers to the concepts of health and safety management.


Offered by: |Rakesh Maharaj| |PowerPoint|

Offer: A brief presentation on health and safety management, introducing the various elements of HS(G)65 the UK HSE's safety management system.


Offered by: |Joe McNicholas| |PowerPoint|

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Offer: 'Highways Environmental Management System'. PowerPoint used to deliver seminar at The Institution of Highways and transportation Conference in York, November 2001. Lecture notes are in the Institution's publication - Environmental Management of Highways.


Offered by: |Ciaran McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Integrating Audits'. This presentation was delivered at an "Implementing Integrated Safety Audit" conference held at the Jarvis Intl Regents Park Hotel, November 2000, organised by IIR. It covers the element "defining an integrated audit and examining the cost benefits of integrating health, safety and environmental auditing" of the conference. It is a brief overview of one company's experiences of going down the integration route, how some savings and improved performance were gained. It loses something without the commentary, but the author would be happy to discuss specifics with those who wish to contact him by email.


Offered by: |Bill Bircham| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Manual Handling'. The author acknowledges HSE and contributors to web-safety.com's safety exchange some of whose ideas were called upon to create this presentation.

Offered by: |Geoff Burt| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Manual Handling'. A manual handling awareness presentation.


Offered by: |Jerry Hill| |PowerPoint|

Offer:  'Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems'  On 28 January 2003 Stephen Fulwell, former Head of Technical Affairs at IOSH, delivered an interesting and informative lecture on the future of Occupational H&S Management Systems (OHSMS)

Offered by: |Stephen Fulwell| |PowerPoint|

Offer:  'Risk Assessment'  This  presentation (recently updated by the author) sets out to define risk assessment, the need for it and the principles behind it. Also included in the offer is a Risk Matrix Chart in Microsoft Word format. Click on the text hyperlink opposite.


Offered by: |Nick Higginson| |PowerPoint| |Text|

Offer: 'Risk Assessment'. Risk assessment training slides.


Offered by: |Paul Craythorne| |PowerPoint|

Offer: 'Risk Assessment'. Risk assessment training slides.


Offered by: |Ian Hayward| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Risk Assessment. A short introduction to 'risk assessment, definitions and the UK legal position'.


Offered by: |Joe McNicholas| |PowerPoint|

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Offer:  'Work Safety'  A safety awareness training session, introducing managers and workers to the simple philosophy of work safe/ stay safe.


Offered by: | Ciaran McAleenan| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Safety Committees Training. A short explanation of  the functions and objectives of a safety committee. New safety representatives and safety committee members should view this.


Offered by: |Dessie Ferguson| |PowerPoint|

Offer: Safety Introductions for Site Engineers - These four presentations are designed for site engineers who never know what they will find on site or what they have to deal with. They are introductions to the subjects, not full blown training programmes.


Offered by: |Jane Hallett| |Asbestos| |Asthma| |Dermatitis| |Sewage|

Offer: Introducing a new safety management system into a large, multi-discipline organisation. (This management system won the IOSH/ Zurich Municipal Supreme Safety Award in 1999). The text is PDF format.


Offered by: |Ciaran McAleenan| |PowerPoint| |Text|

Offer: Safety Training. A short explanation of  Deciding why, when and how to implement safety training. View this before you develop or buy your next training program.


Offered by: |Joe McNicholas| |PowerPoint|

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